Infrared Horse Solarium

Our new infrared solariums are an absolute must for therapeutic facilities, stable yards as well as the individual horse owner. In fact for anyone who desires a rapid drying time after bathing and workouts as well as a therapy session. Developed by horse people for horses, we have taken the best of the European technology and implemented them here to bring you an affordable local product. The heat lamps for horses aid in blood circulation and muscle elasticity, and promote rapid healing after injuries. They’re also great for use prior to training, as they relax the back muscles, enabling better movement. Your horses will love the spa-like feel of infrared technology, which is quickly becoming the industry standard for safe, natural health care and physiotherapy.

The infrared heat penetrates the skin into the underlying muscle tissue and helps stimulate blood circulation due to the warmth. This improves muscle elasticity thereby helping to reduce, and recover from, injury.


Achieving equine health and peak condition

The therapeutic and practical benefits of shortwave infrared are proven. The specially selected elements in our heater units produce their peak output where the infrared energy is absorbed deep into the horses’ muscles. This stimulates flow of blood to muscle tissue and helps dissipate toxins. It promotes healing, reduces pain and muscle spasm after injury, and stiffness after exercise. Used on a regular basis for warm-up, warm-down or drying, the Equiproducts horse solarium will help maintain your horses and ponies in peak health, fitness and condition, and will encourage a sense of wellbeing.


  • Can assist in the horses blood circulation and oxygen supply
  • Relaxes the horses muscles before and after work
  • Excellent at drying off horses after washing down
  • Assists in recovery of many injuries
  • Assists with the  dissipation of toxins
  • Improves muscle elasticity
  • Reduce chronic inflammations
  • Increase wound healing
  • Healthier and shinier coat
  • Strengthen immune system
  • Warm up prior training
  • Reduces the risk of injury