Impulse Line Professional Blanket

The Combi Extend + System

The new Combi Extend + System  was specially designed for an even more intensive treatment than was previously possible with our Classic Combined System.
The system is configurated with additional pulsed magnetic & massage modules at shoulder and stifles, which puts even more emphasis on treating the whole body.

You can stop searching for a flexibly usable system. The answer is the Combi+ System: Innovative technology with flexible components, covering several application areas.

As a modular system you can add several components later on, which can all be operated through our professional central control box. Expensive individual systems have become obsolete.

Pure innovation from horse practitioners! You no longer have to waste precious time but provide your partner horse with the very best.

The 2004 newly developed cycle magneto-massage technology is based on the same unique control cycle as the magnetic field which opens a completely new range of applications.

The Features:

  • Up to 3 applications simultanously
  • Cycle-Magneto-Massage Technology
  • 14 powerful Massage modules
  • 19 Magnetic coils in 5 lines
  • Integrated neckpart

Blanket with integrated neckpart

Our competitors “invented” the useful neckpart years later as their innovation. Our system was designed like this RIGHT FROM THE START to cover the most important parts of the horse’s body:
-the neck and shoulder-
for a complete application to the back-muscle-system of the horse.

Control via central Multi-Functions-Box

Our central control box operates several modules or components in a single application. Individually and flexibly adjustable to the horse’s needs, which is unique to the market at the moment.
  • Settings separately adjustable for intensity of Massage, Magnetic, Wave-Light-Pulse
  • Settings separately adjstable for frequency of Magnetic, Wave-Light-Pulse
  • Settings separately adjustable for running times per line of Massage
  • treatment times
The multifunctional control box works through pre-set programs and automatic program sequences (sequencer) with magnetic / massage / WLP simultaneously. However, all parameters are freely adjustable.