ImpulseLine Combi+ Sport Blanket

The Startup model with innovative technology for an  affordable price

With many years of experience of the ImpulseLine Series, the “Impulse Line Start-Up” series was developed. They are available
with or without integrated neck part as pulsed magnetic only or in combination with massage.

Powerful technique

Strong performance with proven technology offer an ideal entry solution into an alternative treatment method using pulsed magnetic therapy. The combination with the Cyclono massage modules offer additional positive effects.

User friendly design for Multi-functional box COMPACT

In terms of easy operation, you can count on our experience. This product line was developed specifically with our “COMPACT” control box, which is also multifunctional.

Flexibility for extension

The complete sysem is build on modules. All components are compatible. That means, you can add any component with no need of purchasing further expensive sets.

Upgrade to Impulse Line Professional System

No problem to upgrade the Start-Up to the professional series later on. A change is possible at any time.