Hoof Boots

The new Hoof Boots from Activo-Med combine a cyclic Electromagnetic and Massage system, creating a unique form of hoof treatment.

Like other Activo-Med systems, the Hoof Boots have preset therapy programmes, making them a user friendly add-on to any existing system. This completes the application of a full treatment in the leg area. They can also be purchased as a stand-alone sysyem.

The Hoof Boot is strapped on to the horse’s hoof and fastened with Velcro, making it simple to use and allows you to carry on with your tasks while the programme runs. The horse stands during the treatment with the Hoofboots – either as a single boot or as a pair.

Control is via cable connection with either the Professional multi-function box of the Impulse-Line blanket or as a stand-alone system with the COMPACT version of the multi-function box. The control generates vibrating massage cycle sequences which are transmitted to the hoofboot. The intensity is adjustable in 5 steps. The vibrations can be felt up to the elbow or the hip joint of the horse.This works in conjunction with the pulsating electromagnetic field parallel to the massage with direct radiation to the extremities area.

Its construction is sturdy but light weight.

Being battery operated makes this treatment fully mobile for use at home or away at competitions.