Equine Nebuliser

The Flexineb E2 is a revolutionary equine nebuliser that enables delivery of nebulised drugs and natural therapies directly to the airways of the horse. It operates from a rechargeable battery and has a unique blue flexible mask interface with a clear aerosol chamber and medication cup.

Flexineb E2 is simple to use, silent & completely portable equine inhalation device making it the ideal solution for those that are experiencing depleted performance from their animals. Nebulisation & inhalation therapy is the most effective way of treating your horses’ chronic issues such as COPD, RAO (heaves) & EIPH (bleeding).

But Flexineb E2 is not only for treating chronic issues, it also is a vital piece of kit for a horse who gets more acute problems, like a recurrent cough or snotty nose from being stabled in winter but is fine in spring and summer, acute sinusitis, or even pneumonia or equine flu in foals and adult horses.